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Serial entrepreneur, founder, and investor who has a pedigree of identifying unrealized potential, building operational value and monetization. With a knack for building businesses, he has driven the growth of many tech organizations over the last several years via both personal investments and spearheading capital raises.


Timothy J. Cherotti is the Managing Partner, CEO, and Founder of Rosebud Ventures, a Manhattan based investment firm specializing in early-stage growth, acquisition, and recapitalization in the middle markets. Cherotti has been involve in all stages of investment operations for Rosebud, leading the growth equity, revenue, and exits of founder focused companies on a global scale. Rosebud Ventures is currently positioned with $205 million in Assets Under Management, spanning over a diversified investment portfolio in tech, health tech, medical
software, AI, geospatial data software and analytics, pharmaceutical, video communications software, task management analytics, and hospitality sectors.

Cherotti is currently an acting board member, and Co-Founder of one of the firms most promising investment partnerships with Kontur io. Kontur is a software company delivering geospatial data, risk management, and enabling disaster management and geospatial analytics through data-based response strategies. Effective governmental, insurance, and humanitarian partnerships and clients of Kontur compass a worldwide reach.

Cherotti has an innate ability to deliver success to Rosebud Ventures through leading the firm’s investment strategy with management expertise. He recently launched the firm’s newest investment and operational engagement with startup company PharmaGen Labs; a molecular diagnostic laboratory that tests pathogens and human genomes to identify medication(s) that are most effective in patients,
and adversely, determine which medications patients have developed a resistance too. Cherotti is CEO and Co-founder of the pharmaceutical based, patient outcome focused, laboratory that began active account testing and solutions in March 2022.

Cherotti has furthered the firm’s progression by directing investments in founder owned companies in the health and health tech sectors to include IR Scientific; a Sensi-Ip patent for oral sensitivity that produces the natural healing processes through biometric polymers, and has recently received FDA approval. Cherotti also spearheaded Rosebud’s current investment in Adaptiiv; a 3D printing software
solution for radiation oncology, enabling patient treatment accuracy and efficiency.

Prior to the inception of Rosebud Ventures, Cherotti achieved profound success through advantageous and profitable serial entrepreneurship opportunities. He built and sold six companies throughout the HR, staffing, proprietary software, and tech industries. His greatest success was the start, build, and acquisition of, a “click and mortar” employment company that matches
contractors with skilled tradesmen across the United States. With forward-thinking and an ability to refine product market fit, combined with a technological mindset, he created and deployed two proprietary software programs; Bridgeware, a CRM platform and ETS, an employee tracking system, both of which simplified processes and contributed to the exponential growth of to
the over $88M valuation when acquired by Silver Oaks. Following the acquisition by Silver Oaks, He served as chairman of the board and drove an increase in revenue by 350% until was ultimately purchased by Black Stone in late 2017.

PERSONAL: Mr. Cherotti is an active philanthropist with a focus on educational outreach, sports program funding, and community building projects. He has financially committed to non-profit charities throughout the US and Central Africa. His dedication and passion to helping those in need has led to his over 200 cleft palate fixes for Smile Train, the build out and fully funded football field and program
at McDonald High School in Ohio, capital deployment to small business loans for aspiring entrepreneurs with Kiva, and annually pledged monetary contribution to the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s gala and St. Jude’s inaugural fundraiser in the Hamptons. In addition to these phenomenal organizations, Cherotti has been a primary donor to I Am Zambia, a non-profit charity organization focused on
providing educational resources to initiate “cycle breakers of poverty”, through
educating and offering skill- set training to mainly women and girls in central Africa. I am Zambia also builds, funds, fully staffs and operates primary schools and hospitals throughout rural Zambia, including the drilling and installation of water wells for clean water supply, and solar panels to equip power to the over 36,000 patients that the hospital aids to each year. Furthermore, Cherotti’s financial allegiance and commitment to I am Zambia is allocated to the donation of clothing, food, and medical supplies to several orphanages and hospices in the neighboring countries of Zimbabwe and Botswana. Cherotti has been an imperative part of the continually growing outreach and aid to the people of under-developed Zambia.

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